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RE: [IP] Diasensor

> I was just looking at a press release from Biocontrol saying that they
> are marketing the Diasensor 1000  the noninvasive meter in the European
> market?????? I thought it didn't work????Or am I thinking of some other
> product?

You're correct, the Biocontrol "meter" is the one that doesn't work.  I've
read horror stories about rigged demos (they would test the blood of the
subject beforehand, then rig the meter so that it would keep retesting and
not report a value until it was within a given range of the known value),
the inability to calibrate it to many patients, the need to continually
recalibrate it, etc.  Plus the fact that it's a table-top unit, not at all
portable, and it's expensive as hell.  I'll see if I can dig up any of the
articles from the local paper's business section (Biocontrol is a Pittsburgh
company), if anyone would be interested.

Now, in fairness to Biocontrol, this paper can be a bit biased at times, but
I've heard bad things independent of this paper, so I'm putting NO faith in
the Biocontrol "product".

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