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RE: [IP] Site changes

Mary Jean,
I'm not using the Sofsets,  but not the one that you mention either.  Mine is called Polyfin Q - alias the bent needle.  I also insert it such that the part of the needle that will be outside is at an acute angle, that way I can get more depth.  I found out the hard way that when it isn't deep enough it is painful enough that I almost passed out.   Granted, it was a bad day anyway and pain tolerance was minimal, but - definitely to be avoided.

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> I can understand that, but I'm quite thin and finding a site above the waist
> is difficult.  Almost without fail I end up with a no delivery alarm in less
> than a day - 20 hours is the longest.  I'd appreciate it if someone can 
> educate me.


What kind of infusion sets are you using?  I am thin also and had a lot of
trouble with the sofsets -- they often hurt and when I removed them, they were
bent over like they had been hitting against something inside me.  I did
occasionally get no delivery alarms also.  I switched to the MiniMed
silhouettes (Tenders for Disetronic folks) and have had smooth sailing ever
since.  The sets are infinitely more comfortable.  They are inserted at a 30
degree angle instead of straight in, so if you don't have much "tisssue" to
work with you can still use them.  Inserting sofsets above the waist is
especially tricky because you start running into those ribs.  Good luck!

Mary Jean

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