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[IP] One Touch Case and DEX Meter

Hi Sara,

We have had problems with the case also.  We were in Houston just last weekend
and low and behold the plastic strap broke and then immediately the penlet
they provide broke in several pieces as I was pulling back the 'trigger.'  Not
a good afternoon!

I called them and the person taking my call indicated this IS a problem and
they are working on it - I lalso suggested material or elastic to hold the
machine it.

I am embarassed to admit though that it never even occurred to me to just
'leave the glucometer in the case' until you said that.  What a dimwit I have
been pulling that thing out all the time.  ,<grin>
We are testing the new DEX glucometer and I must admit I absolutely love it
and so does my daughter.  So little, compact and easy for a child to use.  No
more trying to get a good rounded amount of blood on the strip.  Laura likes
it also!

Sherri (Laura's mom)