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Re: [IP] stinging site and 6 days of use

>Buddy, have you found that using a site that long interferes with your
>absorption of insulin?  Do you get more highs?  Most of what I have read
>to change every 3-4 days.  I thought this was to prevent infections and
>sure the insulin is effective.  Let me know.  Kathy

    My BGs do not rise no more than normal. They run the same no matter what
day it is. As a matter of fact I just made a change yesterday that was the
seventh day. To achieve this I had to add some Velosulin to the reservoir in
order to make the 7th day but I did that in order to avoid making a change
late in the evening. Like Sara I get lazy at times.
    I made the change yesterday morning, day 7, before breakfast with a
fasting BG of 121 bolused and ate breakfast and at 10 AM I had a 190 BG but
that is normal for me as I eat maltomeal and toast and 8 oz. of milk for
breakfast and it ALWAYS makes me rise. It always comes back down by noon so
there is no big problem.
    When I changed the sight I did NOT leave it in for the three or four
hours extra this time because I wanted to look at the sight and it barely
was pink. I showed my wife Rosie and told her that it had been in for seven
days and she agreed that it looked as good as one of the earlier 3 day
sights. As Robert L. Ripley used to say "Believe it or not." Works for me,
and works real good! As long as I show no signs of infection I will continue
to go the 6 days. I'm sorry if you guys can't get any more mileage that that
out of a set but Sara and I are the type that will have to knocked in the
head on "Judgment Day". Ain't that right Sara ??? She is also the only
person I ever knew that stropped her tongue on a razor strop! LOL

Good Luck,

Buddy '-)