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[IP] is walgreens ripping us off?

I got this email - thought y'all would be interested

Take a look at this--pretty amazing.  Pass this along to diabetics that you
Forwarded Message: 
Subj:	WHY?
Date:	98-01-20 17:45:18 EST
From:	DTM45DB
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Walgreens Drug Stores,Inc.
200 Wilmont Rd.
Deerfield, IL. 60015
Atten: Store Operations & Board Of Directors

Dear Walgreens;

Upon doing a recent research of Drug Stores and their Prices of Diabetic
Supplies, Just found the following problem with your Stores surveyed:

Why are your One Touch Test Strips an Average of  OVER $12 more than
WalMart  (WalMart @$59 per 100 Strips)

Why are ALL your Test Strips and Average of 20% Higher than Wal Mart?

Why Are your B&D Syringes over 18% higher ($5 more per 100 box)?

Somebody is trying to RIP-OFF somebody here...

I belong to the Amercian Diabetes Association (385,000 Members) and the
Juvienile Diabetes Foundation (565,000 members) and believe me, This will
be Forwarded  to their Monthly Magazine and be put in  all our Internet Web
Sites, as well as Not to buy Any Diabetes Supplies at Walgreens, until you
drop your Outrageous prices and stop Trying to Rip We  Diabetics, Medicare and
the Insurance Companies Off!

Could this be due to the Recent Approval of Medicare now paying for Test
Strips and you figured to Rip-off the Goverment for 20% more now?

I am Shocked at you, Wallgreens and....

Sincerely Disappointed,

email @ redacted

CC: Congressman John Porter
        Newt Gingrich