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[IP] sharp tongue

Buddy and Dave

Y'all better watch it...I got the razor strap out for my tongue and I am
fixing to do battle.  I have a bone to pick with the One TOuch manufacturer -
anyone else have trouble with the stupid case they give you?  In less than a
year I have gone through 5 - yes 5 - of them - I just call the 800 # on the
back of the meter and they send me a new one, but please - this is ridiculous
- the little plastic thing that holds the meter in just pulls away and then
the meter just flops around and falls out if I unzip it in a not so steady
place, and knowing me - you know that happens alot.  

Why can't they design one out of cloth, for example, that would hold up a
little better than imitation leather and plastic??  For gods sake, I don't
even take the meter OUT of the case - so it isn't like I am putting any stress
on it or anything.  If I was an engineer....or if I could see good enough to
thread a needle... maybe I'd make one on my own.

Sara *-)