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RE: [IP] mail order pharmacy

I've been using National Diabetic Pharmacies for years.  Service has been a
bit spotty of late, though (I've noticed recently that they're pulling
tricks like overbilling insurance and billing me for 20% of what they
submitted to insurance, rather than 20% of the resulting negotiated rate --
in one case the difference amounted to double!)

1-800-INSULIN if anyone wants to try them.  I've never had problems getting
anything I needed, service has been great, and they deal directly with many
different insurance companies.  But recently they HAVE been pulling some
questionable tactics with billing practices, so beware...

No, this isn't the same company I'm getting the 3-month supply of
"maintenance drugs" (in my case, Zestril and Humalog) for $6 copays.  That's
a different company that's negotiating directly with my employer...

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