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Re: [IP] mail order pharmacy

Hi, Can you post information on how to contact Home Medical?
I'd like to check them out.. I'm getting Blue Cross soon....

Horn, Rita wrote:

> I am on Blue Cross BS of FL, PPC policy, I order everything except my
> insulin from Home Medical (which has been recently purchased by
> Minimed).  The only problem I had was test strips with a expiration date
> sooner that I wanted.  I now check all of the boxes as soon as I receive
> them to ensure that this doesn't happen again.  I have been very pleased
> with them.
> Rita
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> > From:         email @ redacted[SMTP:email @ redacted]
> > Sent:         Tuesday, January 20, 1998 3:58 PM
> > To:   email @ redacted
> > Subject:      [IP] mail order pharmacy
> >
> > Does anyone have any mail order pharmacy they especially like?  I
> > called
> > the Blue Cross Mail order Pharmacy and they don't cover infusion sets
> > and
> > the girl said I could only use one mail order pharmacy.  But she did
> > say
> > that insulin could be shipped by UPS in one day.  I get the feeling
> > from
> > previous posts that I should stay away from Apria.  What about Home
> > Medical?  Are they mail order?
> > I am kinda frustrated cuz I was supposed to be on Blue Cross since the
> > first of the month but BC has no record of me.   I am glad I have
> > started
> > this process now because I would be really frustrated if I was running
> > out of infusion sets.     Michelle
> >