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RE: [IP] insurance recourse?

At Kaiser, you just have to find the right doctor.  I had a doctor in
internal medicine who didn't know anything about the pump, so he
suggested that I talk to an endo.  The doctor that he suggested was not
for the pump, so I went to another endo.  This doctor has many people on
the pump and was quite willing to write the prescription.  Once you have
the prescription, you are about 90% of the way to pumping.  It is just a
matter of finding a doctor who is comfortable with pumps.

- Jodi

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	I am doubly insured. One through my employer, the other through
my husband's
	HMO Kaiser.  My doctor at Kaiser says No.  She can't do it
because I am too
	controlled for the pump. Even though I am having AM blood sugars
form 160 to
	250 every morning. She also will not prescribe ACE inhibitors
that might also
	help as well. I am already on a very restricted diet and
exercise.  They only
	give the pump to people who have really terrible A1c's.   
	My other insurance first said wha tis the HMO doing about it,
and then said
	they do not cover the pump or its supplies at all.  They also
said that if the
	Hmo won't pay for the ACE inhibitors they won't either.
	Nice huh? Unless I win 10 million dollars there is no way that I
would be able
	to afford either, even though I know that I am better off with
the pump.