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Re: [IP] Set duration's


I also cannot go past three days (actually a VERY OCASSIONAL four days).  
The swelling and stinging is most probably an indication of infection 
which means the site MUST be changed to (1) have good insulin absorption 
and (2) to avoid a VERY infected site which would be treated with 
antibiotics and/or lancing.

My mostly successful efforts to get a consistent three day longevity on 
my sites include (1) scrubbing the site with an antibiotic soap (such as 
Dial or Lever 2000 and (2) then scrubbing the site with Bacitracin (an 
iodine scrub, which is ONLY good IF you are NOT allergic to iodine -- 
otherwise, use PhisoHex or another antibactierial scrub).

These steps usually result in an infection free (no stinging) set for up 
to three days.

In spite of what your doc says, these infections are common although 
still in a distinct minority of patients -- maybe 10 %.


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