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[IP] Re: Need New Doctor maybe

    Sounds to me like your doctor does not have your best interests in her
mind??? Reminds me of Justin Wilson when he said he went to the doctor and
the Doc told him he was going to have to quit drinking, quit smoking, and
quit chasing women! He said "I just changed doctors!". I think that may be a
good idea. Come down here and see my doctor.
    I don't think your doctor is aware of how much good these pumps do and
how well they help prevent the development of so many of the complications
of diabetes! Where does she have her head???
    Print out some of the testimonies here and show her. Then again there
are those doctors, men and women that don't like their patients to be
smarter than they are. You have to make a judgment call here. Good luck
whatever you decide to do. Education is the key to success! Educate your

Buddy '-)