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Re: [IP] insurance recourse?

> Forrest,
>      My doctor doesn't want to let me have the pump because no one she is
> working with is on the pump.  She also doesn't believe that the company will
> cover it.  When I called the company they said the only issue the pump if your
> control is poor.  So the logic here is if you're a lazy diabetic you will get
> the pump.  Thanks, DD
First, read about the DCCT and all the relevant analysis done by 
various medical/professional organizations.

Second, get in touch with MiniMed and Disetronic and talk to their 
'insurance' beat-em-up' person

Third, get a written refusal from your insurance company and start 
the appeals process.  

They don't treat amputees by giving them wooden peg legs anymore.

Pumpers or potential pumpers are no different, Pumps are the best 
'standard of care'.

And, by the way, GET A NEW DOCTOR, this one has her head up her butt.
She should be your advocate, not your enemy

Michael <email @ redacted>