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Re: [IP] insurance recourse?

My insurance didn't want to cover the pump because they had never covered anyone
prior to me. Good logic eh?

MADKT wrote:

> Dddye -
> In reference to getting insurance to approve or pay for the pump:
> One thing that is repeated time and time again on this list; DO NOT GIVE UP,
> Document how the pump helps. Continue to bombard the insurance with statistics
> and personal stories. Get your doctor to continue the fight. Someone suggested
> threatening to sue. When I decided to get on the pump my insurance said no as
> well. My husband and I decided we would go ahead anyway and find a way to pay
> for it on our own. Our insurance company wrote a special clause just for us
> (basically so no one else could use it) and ended up paying for it. Policies
> change, try each month. People know different things and ways, talk with
> different people within the system . . . someone may give you a different
> answer. Overall: DO NOT GIVE UP.
>    Katie