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Re: [IP] insurance coverage...help

>We're looking into an insulin pump for our son and have been told that the
>supplies will fall under durable medical equipment with a 20% co-pay with
>insurance company paying 80% on the least expensive comparable
>means to me that my son may not get the most appropriate equipment for him,
>if he does it could cost us too much money)

    You are worrying about the wrong things at this time. There are only two
"brands" of pumps in the world now and you biggest worry is getting your
doctor to prescribe one. I use the MiniMed 507 so I am partial to it. The
supplies are not a problem for most insurance companies. My co-pay for my
pump was $177.00. The pump lists for $4495.00 or so. Most of these
mail-order supply companies will accept the 70 or 80% your insurance pays as
full payment and you can usually order three months supply at a time. There
are some concerns here but not until you get him pumping.
>I was wondering what other insurances were covering for supplies. Also how
>I go about fixing this so our son gets what he needs...Not quite sure how
>approach this one.

    Right now just concern yourself with getting the doctor in agreement
with your wishes and start the wheels to getting the pump. This is strictly
my opinion and you will surely get others so just stand by. Good luck.
Buddy '-)