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Re: [IP] Length of site use

> What kind of tape are you using?  Are you using any disinfectant and is it
> totally dry before you apply the tape?  I found that once I started putting
> the tape on slightly loosely instead of really tight, it lasted longer.  By
> loosely, I mean that it doesn't stretch tight over the site but I lay it
> down so it can move slightly with my body.

I am not using any tape.. None came with the kit.. I am using the Disetronic
No disinfectant, totally dry.  I just am using the tape attached to the infusion
cap and cannula.  I had to take one off that I had just put on and it hurt like
hell (pulling hairs) so the adhesive initially is great.. I had problems with the
tubing getting tugged on while I sleep, probably all the moving around..