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Re: [IP] Length of site use

>Janine, what tape are you referring to?
>Are you applying additional tape to your infusion site?  I wanted to ask how
>to keep the tape on your infusion set from losing it's stick..I noticed
>after >one shower it was starting to come up... should I cover it with
>something when >I shower so the water won't ruin the adhesive?

I use only use one piece of tape, over the site.  It does lose it's
stickiness after 3-4 days, so then I change it by carefully peeling it off,
making sure I am still connected, then putting new tape over the now
tapeless set.  I used to just add more tape to the areas that came undone,
but I found that I was more prone to irritation due to lack of
breathability, I think.

I don't cover the site when I shower.  I find that the water only bothers
it if it is already coming up.  Maybe check to see if you have spots loose
that the water can get under before you shower.

What kind of tape are you using?  Are you using any disinfectant and is it
totally dry before you apply the tape?  I found that once I started putting
the tape on slightly loosely instead of really tight, it lasted longer.  By
loosely, I mean that it doesn't stretch tight over the site but I lay it
down so it can move slightly with my body.


>I do change tape around day 3-4.  I find that most, if not all, of the
>> irritation I get is tape related.  I use the tape that comes with the set,
>> then Tegaderm or minimed tape (name escapes me!).
>> Janine
>> MM506

Vancouver, BC, Canada
email @ redacted