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Re: [IP] on the floor

OH a Denver fan ???????????

I would have thought Danny boy might have been in the running !!!!

Dave Brockman......
Plantation, FL
email @ redacted

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From: URTAsef <email @ redacted>
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Date: Saturday, January 17, 1998 1:56 PM
Subject: [IP] on the floor

>carol wrote:
>>  Sometimes it's so frustrating to do everything your supposed to do and
>>  end up on the floor!
>Yep...but as my momma used to tell me - god (or whatever you believe in)
>gives you what you are capable of handling...YEAH RIGHT - well, I wanna
>to the dude who thought I could handle _this_ .   And to those folks who
>me "I am lucky to have diabetes and not __________ "(fill in the blank with
>the handicap/disease/hair color of your choice), well they can kiss mah
>If diabetes puts you on the floor (and it does me) go ahead and lay there
>awhile.  maybe pout, but don't kick yourself - just try to think about how
>are gonna get back at whoever/whaever provided you with this.  Not that
>revenge is a GOOD thing - but it sure is a good motivator.  dammit, I'll
>this incorrigible body of mine who is boss - listen here legs you are gonna
>walk 2 miles today instead of 1 1/2 and if you don't like it - tough
>Sara *-)