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Re: [IP] on the floor

On Sat, 17 Jan 1998 13:53:28 EST URTAsef <email @ redacted> writes:
>carol wrote:
>>  Sometimes it's so frustrating to do everything your supposed to do 
>>  end up on the floor!
>Yep...but as my momma used to tell me - god (or whatever you believe 
>in) only
>gives you what you are capable of handling...YEAH RIGHT - well, I 
>wanna talk
>to the dude who thought I could handle _this_ .   And to those folks 
>who tell
>me "I am lucky to have diabetes and not __________ "(fill in the blank 
>the handicap/disease/hair color of your choice), well they can kiss 
>mah butt.
>If diabetes puts you on the floor (and it does me) go ahead and lay 
>awhile.  maybe pout, but don't kick yourself - just try to think about 
>how you
>are gonna get back at whoever/whaever provided you with this.  Not 
>revenge is a GOOD thing - but it sure is a good motivator.  dammit, 

Well there is hopes that we won't end up on the floor from hypoglycemia
anymore.  The glucose sensor will have a low bs alarm and a high bs
alarm.  It was kind of irritating when it went off just as you were going
to sleep(because for the study, we had t0 document that it was really
going low.  And if it went off we need to test at that time and 15 mins
later.  Now because of our selfless devotion to the disease that is
diabetes your faithful guinnea pigs  have worked out the bugs so that
Millions of diabetics can rest peaceful in the fact that the sensor
indeed works <Huge old prideful grin> but it was also comforting to be
able to go to sleep knowing you would be awakened if the sugar dipped
into the danger zone.  So Lily and the rest of us don't have to suffer
much longer.  Sounds like I need to get a job promoting the glucose
sensor for Minimed!!!!hint hint
Bill.....ya got any info on how long it will take for FDA approval.. 
Will it have to go back to the FDA each time it is upgraded ie..when it
just goes out to Drs with the low bs sensor and then again when it has
the low and high sensor.