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Re: [IP] on the floor

On 17 Jan 98 at 13:53, URTAsef wrote:

> carol wrote:
> >  Sometimes it's so frustrating to do everything your supposed to do and
> still
> >  end up on the floor!
> Yep...but as my momma used to tell me - god (or whatever you believe in) only
> gives you what you are capable of handling...YEAH RIGHT - well, I wanna talk
> to the dude who thought I could handle _this_ .   And to those folks who tell
> me "I am lucky to have diabetes and not __________ "(fill in the blank with
> the handicap/disease/hair color of your choice), well they can kiss mah butt.

And when they git done I'll kick theirs...  and maybe hit them over 
the head with one of my theology books...

> If diabetes puts you on the floor (and it does me) go ahead and lay there
> awhile.  maybe pout, but don't kick yourself - just try to think about how you
> are gonna get back at whoever/whaever provided you with this.  Not that
> revenge is a GOOD thing - but it sure is a good motivator.  dammit, I'll show
> this incorrigible body of mine who is boss - listen here legs you are gonna
> walk 2 miles today instead of 1 1/2 and if you don't like it - tough tiddies!!

I think this is also referred to as "taking control"... which for 
those of us with this condition is certainly a good idea.  Anger is 
one of those things we can redirect...  I'm preparing a long, long 
list of questions...  like "Why did you do this..." and "Exactly how 
was ... supposed to work?"  When I was pastoring the church everyone 
assumed I had a direct line to God from my office.  I told one of the 
older ladies who called me that it was OK to be angry at God.  She 
got mad at me - and then called me back a couple of days later to 
tell me I was right.  God could handle it, and telling God that 
something stunk and you didn't like it let you be honest with 
yourself and with God.  

Keep kicking and complaining, Sara (& everyone else)  If we didn't 
care we wouldn't try to keep on going...

> Sara *-)
Randall Winchester

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