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Re: Re:[IP] Length of site use

On 16 Jan 98 at 21:34, buddybarber wrote:

>     My CDE instructed me to change sets right after a bath. Explained that I
> shouldn't need any compounds before applying UNLESS I developed the problems
> you and some of the others have noted. As I stated before the only skin
> problems I have is mosquitoes penetrating it! Take care. . . .
> Buddy '-)

Here's a great idea - maybe we can get a grant for several millions 
from some government agency to study the possibility of genetically 
engineering mostquitoes to use them as insulin delivery agents.  Just 
program them to not dump the insulin unless the bg level is above a 
certain set point.   Ought to be good for at least twenty or thirty 
long research papers.  We should be able to get it started for 20-30 

I'd better go check my bg.  Writing stuff like this makes me think it 
may be dropping...

Randall Winchester

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