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Re: [IP] Length of site use

On 16 Jan 98 at 20:27, buddybarber wrote:

>     Janine,
>         Good for you. You don't mind if I add your name to my "List of Brave
> Souls"? Ha. I have run into a couple of people that were honest enough to
> admit to more that 2 or 3 day sets.
> Buddy '-)

I must be a tender skinned weenie...  I went 4 days on one set last 
week and by mid-morning on day 4 it was extremely uncomfortable.  The 
bg was OK, but that site was sore.  This has happened every time I've 
gone over 3 days.  Probably doesn't help site longevity to be playing 
on the floor with the kids.  

We just had the boys third birthday party.  This year I didn't have 
to cheat to eat cake and ice cream...  just bolus and go.    I love 
my pump...

Randall Winchester

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