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Re: [IP] Length of site use

>MM 507

    I use the 42" softsets and a 507 pump. I have been getting 6 days on a
set from about the second month I was on the pump. That would be last April.
As I said before, every once in a while I will get sore and have to change
sooner but that can be from any of several reasons. Clothes, as Sara
mentioned, the kids crawling and climbing, and occasionally just from my
body rejecting it as it is supposed to.
    There are certain areas that are "better" for me than others and I'm
sure you have found your "good" spots. I do not use the Soft Serter to
insert my sets I just jab and tape it. I can tell right from the start if it
will be a "good set" because if it hurts, or is painful in any way it will
sour in just a couple of days. I use only my abdomen for my sets and as long
as I have good luck and no problems I will continue to experiment and try to
get 7, 8, or 9 days.
    My favorite sights are just above my beltline 2" or so, and about half
the distance between my arm and navel. Even directly under my arm is fine.
You might think this area would be super sensitive but on me it is not. I
also must admit that I am not super obese but I am several pounds over my
legal limit. The TDPS (Texas Department of Public Safety) do look at me
funny when they catch me riding my bike on the highway! <big grin> They know
my Schwinn is at it's end! This excess flab is ideal for a set! I have no
such problems as I have seen here with the cath causing pain or anything
when I bend over. Ha. I would love to get rid of it but since I already have
it I intend to get good use from it. Ha. Hope this helps in some way.

Buddy '-)