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Re: [IP] Length of site use

Denise asked:
>  Wow, six days, I wish I could do that.  I always seem to get those pump 
> bumps.
>  This time I put down IV prep, used an anti-bacterial wash and put the set
>  through the prep.  Hope this will allow me to go longer.  Since you go so 
> long
>  I am curious as to which set you use and how you prepare your site.  

I use the Tender, wipe with alcohol bad (but don't wash hands before opening
the packet I am sorry to admit), then wipe that with Bard adhesive.  Just pop
the sucker in (s-l-o-w-l-y) and thats it.  If I happen to be just out of the
shower, AND changing, I do the same thing, but I have clean hands...hmmm  So
far it hasn't mattered HOW I do it, it is where I put it.  6 days is easy high
or low, but not around the pants line