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[IP] on the floor

carol wrote:

>  Sometimes it's so frustrating to do everything your supposed to do and
>  end up on the floor!

Yep...but as my momma used to tell me - god (or whatever you believe in) only
gives you what you are capable of handling...YEAH RIGHT - well, I wanna talk
to the dude who thought I could handle _this_ .   And to those folks who tell
me "I am lucky to have diabetes and not __________ "(fill in the blank with
the handicap/disease/hair color of your choice), well they can kiss mah butt.

If diabetes puts you on the floor (and it does me) go ahead and lay there
awhile.  maybe pout, but don't kick yourself - just try to think about how you
are gonna get back at whoever/whaever provided you with this.  Not that
revenge is a GOOD thing - but it sure is a good motivator.  dammit, I'll show
this incorrigible body of mine who is boss - listen here legs you are gonna
walk 2 miles today instead of 1 1/2 and if you don't like it - tough tiddies!!


Sara *-)