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[IP] what are these drugs??


hope you are feeling better:

never heard of those drug...but then I hardly can pronouce them so why waste
brain energy trying to remember them!?!?  

I suggest you ask the doctor when he GIVES you the prescription what side
effects it can have - make sure all your doctors know you are diabetic, take
insulin, etc.  And if you are having eye problems, make sure they don't give
you anything with a blood thinner...like naprosyn, (thank you VERY much mr
orthopedic doctor twit).  THEN, not cuz you don't trust the doctor, then ask
the pharmacist, not the silly girl at the register or the 18 year old acnes
faced punk stocking the helves, but the guy/gal with their picture on the
wall, and a certified thingie hanging proudly on the back wall - He knows this
stuff too.

I had an infection over Xmas and my doc gave me a prescription...I stupidly
didn't ask about side effects, but when I went to fill it, the pharmacist
asked did I know I was not supposed to drink with this prescription - it could
be fatal, apparently - well no the doctor hadn't told me that and New years
Eve was the next day...needless to say I waited about 3 days into 1998 to
start treating my problem... (all better now, thank you bery much and I am
still al ive to tell ya about it)

Good luck with the health insurance shift