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Re: [IP] Length of site use

Title: Re: [IP] Length of site use
    In answer to your "dumb question" I would say for the same reason you wouldn't continue to use the same disposable syringe. I did know of an old man that lived in Jasper that used the same disposable syringe until all of the graduations were worn off! This is not the preferred method of doing business but I guess "Ignorance is Bliss".
    Using Softsets, it is almost impossible to re-insert the steel needle back into the catather so that it could be re-inserted but being diabetic this would be highly unsanitary and asking for infection.
    I'm sure there are a lot of people that get upset just talking about this subject. Myself, life is too short already without asking for trouble. After all, good health is what we are striving for here so why try to reuse them?
Buddy '-)