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Re: [IP] Why mail order?

Michael wrote:

Mine allows a 30 day supply from a pharmacy with a schedule of
co-pays for listed generics, listed name brands, and other: of $10,
$25, $55.  From the mail order pharmacy, I get a 90 day supply for
the same price more or less.  Humalog, of course, is other; but I get
8 bottles at a time for $55.

Michael <email @ redacted>

    Would you please clarify:  but I get  8 bottles at a time for $55. This
could be misleading. . . . .  This is $55.00 co-pay, right? Where I live I
have to give almost $30.00 for one (1) vial of Humalog. Sorry to ask but I
want everybody to be "informed" and not mislead. This is just one of my "pet
peeves". Misrepresentation of facts. I understand exactly what you meant but
maybe someone else might not. I would hate for anyone to think you were
getting 8 vials of Humalog for $55.00.

Buddy '-)