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Re: [IP] Length of site use


With Minimed sofsets, which I use, once the set has been inserted, you
remove the needle.  This leaves a flexible plastic canula in the skin in
order to deliver the insulin.  Once it is pulled out, it is not possible to
reinsert it.

With infusion sets with needles that stay in, I think the main concern with
reusing the same set in a different site would be infection.  I have only
used sofsets since they came out, so there may be other concerns that I am
not aware of.  I guess you could try to sterilize the set for reuse, but I
would not do that.  I wonder if anyone using these infusion sets does
reinsert them.


PS It is not a dumb question - the best way to ensure that you are getting
the best care and are aware of the many intricacies of pumping is to ask.
I have been on the pump for 13 years and I have learned a lot since I
joined this list.

>Hi Janine:
>      Although I am not a pumper yet, I have a dumb
>question.  When changing sites why is it necessary to change
>infusion sets?  Couldn't one pull the set out of ones body
>and re-insert at some other site?
>Ernest Hayman
><TITLE>Re: [IP] Length of site use</TITLE>
> Date: Fri, 16 Jan 1998 15:45:23 -0800 <BR>
>> <BR>
>>Although the "recommended" length of time for using infusion sets is 2-3<BR>
>>days, I very rarely ever change it that early.  I usually use a site for
>>least 6 days and I have not noticed blood sugars rising towards the end.<BR>
>>The site I have in currently is at Day 10 and will come out today or<BR>
>>tomorrow.  It is not sore and my sugars are the same as every other day,<BR>
>>averaging 95-110 mg/dl.<BR>
><FONT SIZE="4"><BR>
>Hi Janine:<BR>
>      Although I am not a pumper yet, I have a dumb question.  When
>changing sites why is it necessary to change infusion sets?  Couldn't one
>pull the set out of ones body and re-insert at some other site?<BR>
>Ernest Hayman

Vancouver, BC, Canada
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