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Re: [IP] Why mail order?

> Since I am venturing into the territory of new insurance coverage,Blue
> Cross, California Care, to be exact, I have a question.  Why, or do most
> of you who are covered by insurance use mail order pharmacies?  If the
> Dr. writes all the prescriptions on one sheet does it all get paid for in
> one co-pay?
You need to read the fine print in your policy, THEY ARE ALL 

Mine allows a 30 day supply from a pharmacy with a schedule of 
co-pays for listed generics, listed name brands, and other: of $10, 
$25, $55.  From the mail order pharmacy, I get a 90 day supply for 
the same price more or less.  Humalog, of course, is other; but I get 
8 bottles at a time for $55.


> (I know it is alot to ask for, but I MAY get lucky!!!)  
> Went to the Dr today even though paperwork hasn't been thoroughly
> processed cuz I've been sick since New Years and Keflex(antibiotic)
> hasn't knocked it out.  Started out with a cough and various other
> symptoms started to go away came back and is now on its third round with
> an ear infection.  She prescribed Ciprofloxacin HCl  and Vancenase  AQ
> 84mcg for the post nasal drip.  Anyone know about these meds.  I mean
> they wont raise my sugar or make me hallucinate or anything will they?  
> Michelle

Michael <email @ redacted>