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Re: [IP] My endo says no

> Hi:
>     I had my first visit with an Endochronoligist last
> month.  At that ime he said that the pump sounded like a
> good idea.  However, at my second visit (wednesday) he said
> that the first line of the  HMO's paper work required that I
> be type 1 (I'm not).  He said he would continue to look for
> a way around this, but I am skeptical.  In the mean time I
> will stay subscribed to this mail list, if I may,  as their
> is lots of good information here.  Suggestions?   Thanx
The way around is based on your doc's assessment of your 'need', your 
control, and your hbA1c's 

You will probably have to APPEAL the refusal and maybe even threaten 
to sue them, that is what I did when they took a year and a half to 
decide to pay the bill.  Get a hold of Laura Bywater at MiniMed, she 
can help you with the words for letters, etc...  The Disetronic folks 
probably have someone on staff that does the same thing.  D... folks, 
are you there??


Michael <email @ redacted>