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[IP] Why mail order?

Since I am venturing into the territory of new insurance coverage,Blue
Cross, California Care, to be exact, I have a question.  Why, or do most
of you who are covered by insurance use mail order pharmacies?  If the
Dr. writes all the prescriptions on one sheet does it all get paid for in
one co-pay?  (I know it is alot to ask for, but I MAY get lucky!!!)  
Went to the Dr today even though paperwork hasn't been thoroughly
processed cuz I've been sick since New Years and Keflex(antibiotic)
hasn't knocked it out.  Started out with a cough and various other
symptoms started to go away came back and is now on its third round with
an ear infection.  She prescribed Ciprofloxacin HCl  and Vancenase  AQ
84mcg for the post nasal drip.  Anyone know about these meds.  I mean
they wont raise my sugar or make me hallucinate or anything will they?