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Re: Re:[IP] Length of site use

    I guess it all boils down to this. . . . .  some of us got, some of us
ain't. Maybe you were not supposed to get it and you showed up on the wrong
day. LOL. Just kidding of course. It is a shame about the short mileage some
of you get and what can I say? Just as Janine commented, the first time I
said something about going longer than the recommended length of time I got
a tongue lashing. . . .  so to speak. It does make most people want to keep
their mouth shut. In my case, that's impossible. Ha.
    My CDE instructed me to change sets right after a bath. Explained that I
shouldn't need any compounds before applying UNLESS I developed the problems
you and some of the others have noted. As I stated before the only skin
problems I have is mosquitoes penetrating it! Take care. . . .

Buddy '-)