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Re: [IP] Length of site use

Hey Buddy,

Well, I'm don't think I am brave, since one of the reasons I leave it in so
long is to avoid changing it!  But I have to say I thought twice about
bringing this up before I sort of knew people on the list.  Anytime I have
told anyone about even 6 days, I got totally reamed out about risks.  But
it works for now and has for years.  If I continue to be lucky, I will be
able to keep using sites for as long as I want, as well as changing them
more often when I can stomach it.  (Okay, bad pun!)


>    Janine,
>        Good for you. You don't mind if I add your name to my "List of Brave
>Souls"? Ha. I have run into a couple of people that were honest enough to
>admit to more that 2 or 3 day sets.
>Buddy '-)

Vancouver, BC, Canada
email @ redacted