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Re:[IP] Length of site use

Just wanted to add my two cents worth here.  Even though I use 
bacitracin (sp?) as a scrub before I change sets, I CAN'T go more than 
three days between sets.  Either I develop an infection/irratation that 
interferes with insulin dispersal from the site or my body rejects the 
set by partially blocking the teflon tubing.  By the way, I use the 
Minimed 506 (hope to upgrade to the 507) with SofSets and lispro.

Whenever I try to extend my use of a notably "good" set, I end up with 
slowly rising BGs.  After three years of this, I have concluded that I 
must change sets regularly on a not to exceed three day basis.  I do 
wish I could get away with extending this.  From other problems with 
skin irritations over the years (I'm now 53), I do believe I am subject 
to continuing staph infections.  This is the reason that the bacitracin 
is necessary.  Before using this, I experienced three or four bad 
infections during the year around the set site.


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