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Re: [IP] jealous

> 1/16/98 
> I can't believe how long some of you get from your sets. I"m glad to get 3-4
> out of my backend and lucky to get 1-2 on my abdomen. Today was a site
> change day to my abdomen, I tried placing it a little higher and towards my
> side but this did not work, I think it ended up next to a muscle or a vein
> because when I bolused for lunch I end up at 39 30 minutes later, which was
> followed by highs a couple of hours later. I had a normal lunch, my pre meal
> bg was 120 and I don't have gastropariesis. I ended up changing the site,
> I'm hoping it will at least last till Sunday.
> Sometimes it's so frustrating to do everything your supposed to do and still
> end up on the floor!
> Carol'

If you use Humalog,
Try bolusing 1/2 and then stretch the rest of the bolus for a total 
elapsed time of 2 to 2 1/2 hours.  This gives the insulin a blood 
profile closer to 4 hours - like regular.  A better match to most 
normal digestion.

> Carol Wasson
> email @ redacted

Michael <email @ redacted>