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Re: [IP] Diabetic Retinopathy

Katie, my 2 cents worth in case I missed one of your posts--- is make sure
the ophthalmologist you have is a retinal specialist. I have had many
treatments and from many ophthalmologists. I finally got decent insurance
ten years ago and found that there are different specialties in
ophthalmology, and some people are more skilled than others! Some of the
dr. I have had were not very conservative in their approach and did a
pan... can't remember the exact word, but it's where they laser round and
round the perimeter of the retina to  keep the proliferative thing from
happening-- and then the latest on is more cautious and only did as needed
to seal and after seven years he finally did a pn thing. I have since
gotten better control of my diabetes and have not needed any laser in the
last four or five years I tink-- I forget exactly. Laser is permanent. It
helps preserve your vision, but bear in mind the places on the retina that
are zapped are no longer active. I may have the words a little wrong, but
ask your dr plenty of questions and don't just go with what they say until
you are sure of the person you have chosen and trust their judgment. I
love the dr. I have now and will do whatever he says. The one before this
I knew was not the right person for me. It's a long story, but just use
your own judgment and good luck. Keep us posted. Roz