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[IP] jealous

I can't believe how long some of you get from your sets. I"m glad to get 3-4
out of my backend and lucky to get 1-2 on my abdomen. Today was a site
change day to my abdomen, I tried placing it a little higher and towards my
side but this did not work, I think it ended up next to a muscle or a vein
because when I bolused for lunch I end up at 39 30 minutes later, which was
followed by highs a couple of hours later. I had a normal lunch, my pre meal
bg was 120 and I don't have gastropariesis. I ended up changing the site,
I'm hoping it will at least last till Sunday.
Sometimes it's so frustrating to do everything your supposed to do and still
end up on the floor!

Carol Wasson
email @ redacted