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Re: [IP] Humalog - Mileage

     I don't change my site until my cartridge is empty. Disetronic, Humalog,
13 months. Dx 21 years.  I've only had one experience with unexplained highs I
could not bring down until I changed the site, tube and cartridge. Bob B's
report (lengthy) a few days back is an excellent overview of some of the
problems and possible solutions.
     My sites do not heal quickly, I believe because I'm leaving it in one
place too long. Before I go back to changing every 3 or 4 days, I'm going to
try an antibiotic on the sites and possibly mixing insulins. I hate needles.
     If you can handle the needles and the cost, I would suggest that the more
you change the site, the better off you will be.