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Re: [IP] Humalog - Mileage

Hey Forrest,
    I'm not suggesting anybody to do anything against their CDE or doctor's
directions. I think I already told the story of my CDE. She is not only a
CDE and an RN but she also had been on a MiniMed pump for 16 years. You talk
about a fine "Show and Tell" program! She has one. She told me to start with
that I was supposed to go only three days. She also told me that she
routinely went 5 day herself but she was an RN and knew what to look out for
and like that.
    Anyway, I'm telling you I get 6 days to a set without any problems.
Sometimes something will go south and I will have to change sooner???? Have
not had an infection yet. I had a couple that got sore but I do have some
permanent grandbabies here too that do like to climb and you understand. . .
.  See what your body will tolerate. You will soon see that you can double
the manufacture's suggested times.

Good Luck,

Buddy '-)