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Re: [IP] Diabetic Retinopathy

>out yesterday that I have Diabetic Retinopathy and need laser surgery. I am
>really upset. :(
>Can anyone give me some info on what I need to look for and ask about?
>Is Retinopathy like periodontal disease; once you have it, you've always
>it. You can keep it under control but it will eventually catch up and you
>need gum surgery.

    I have had the laser treatments many times so far including what they
call a "grid laser". The latter being something I don't look forward to
again soon. It was not all that bad it was just the " Block" they gave me to
deaden my face. What the block is, a shot they gave me right under my
eyeball but over my cheekbone with an inch and a half needle! Took three of
them to hold me down all the while they are telling me to be still. Ha.
    The regular laser was no problem for me. I assume you have already had
an angiogram where they inject the dye into your vein and take pictures of
your eyes to see how bad they are? After they get the pictures back they
then decide which laser they have to use.
    It seems like they call it a blue or yellow laser, the one they use most
of the time. The grid laser they had to send me to another doctor for that
    As far the Vitrectomies Katie, that is where they have to change the
jelly like substance inside your eye because it has become clouded with
blood. Sara can tell you. She has had that done and may be on the list again
??? All the problems she is having now.

Take Care,

Buddy '-)