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[IP] Vitrectomy - the REAL scoop

A vitrectomy is something you don't  ever want to have unless it is absolutely

When the eye contines to bleed from proliferative retinopathy, it fills the
vitreous with blood - it looks like black spider webs for me.  As long as the
body can absorb the blood on its own, no problem - when the doctor can see
thru the blood, he can laser and hopefully keep new ones from bleeding.  Once
the body loses its ability to clean the blood out on its own, for whatever
reason... the black clumps just don't go away and the vitrectomy is necessary

It is an outpatient procedure but they keep you over night - usuallly done at
a hospital.  They put you OUT, They poke 3 holes in your eyeball  - one for a
camera so he can see what the hell is doing, one for a laser and 1 for
something else.  They remove all the vitreous humor (the normally clear jelly
stuff - not something funny), they laser the SHIT out of your eye, then they
fill it back up with saline or distilled water, I am not sure - your body can
not MAKE vitreous.  They sew up the holes and send you to recovery, where if
you have a bad reaction to the anesthesia you vomit for 2 hours, and worry
that the stupid nurses are gonna try and give you insulin, or that your dry
heaves are gonna make the new stitches in your eye ball pop open.

Eventurally you are sent up to a hospital room for the night.  Your eyes are
both bandaged so you don't move them at first, but by the end of the day, just
the one is bandaged.  The first time you peek at it, you cry and put it back
on in a big hurry.  The next morning, the doc comes in and takes the bandage
off and looks at you, says ok - see ya next week - hands you a box of
prescription drops and sends you to deal with billing.

Your eye needs to have a variety of drops applied for the next couple of weeks
- they worry about the pressure, swelling etc.  Your head hurts like an SOB
(and you thought laser was bad), and your eyeball looks like something the cat
dragged in - public appearances are few and limited to those who really love
you and don't mind that you look like a cyclops.  It looks like I had a bb
lodged in the place where the sutures were. and the entire white was blood (ha
ha) red for aabout 2 weeks

Eventually it starts to look a little more presentable so you can show your
face in public without sunglasses.  My vision remained very hazy for a few
months - kinda like looking through a dirty shower curtain and then they told
me I had developed a cataract as a result of the surgery.  So then they took
care of that.

My vision in that eye is now  - well how to describe it - I can see distances
thanks to the new lens, but I have NO peripheral vision, I have been bonked in
the face many times and people sneak up on me all the time - and I am not even
a paranoid person.  Driving, I have to literally twist my head like the
exorcist to see over my left shoulder when changing lanes.  

My other eye, which has been the subject of other posts is now doing the
bleeding thing - i have had at least 12 lasers on that eye - I have lost count
- the most recent was last week - 774 hits.  Hopefully she managed to find
every one that was gonna bleed, cuz I don't want to do this

By the way - the RED laser is Krypton - it is the most painful, according to
the doctor for whatever reason - but they only use it for certain situations -
and not as much anymore now that they have the argon/green and ???/yellow -
just thought you'd wanna know

And that is my $2,500 worth (now accepting donations)