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RE: [IP] My Endo said.....

Laurie, I, like you, test extra if I go high.  My endo questions why I
have a large ratio of "above 180's" on my machine.  I tried explaining
that when I'm high I test every two hours or less until I'm in a normal
range.  One member of our "Pump Club" suggested that I use a different
meter to check for the highs.  Have you ever had this problem?

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> From: 	Laurie Brack Jeff Montgomery[SMTP:email @ redacted]
> Sent: 	Thursday, January 15, 1998 11:53 AM
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> Subject: 	[IP] My Endo said.....
> I have had my visit with my endo, and my hb1ac was a 6.7,( even with a
> month of a cold) and I was happy with that reading. I've been there
> before with a lot more lows.  Anyway what was said is she had gone to
> a
> seminar on diabetes, the speaker was someone who studied the enzyme
> that
> causes retinopathy(aldose reductase) is the name and it more than
> likely
> is spelled wrong.  This enzyme  is released in our blood stream when
> we
> reach a bg of 180 or more.  They are very close to finding a beta
> blocker to stop the release of the reductase in the blood.(they were
> close to a cure when I was dx'ed in 63) So my target is to always stay
> under 180 now, and keep up the good work.  If my body reacts as it
> should, I would always be under 180,I never plan to go high.  Does
> anyone plan to go high?  I test 6 and 7 times a day to ensure that if
> I
> do go high I catch it before it gets out of sight.. (no pun intended)
> She also said that there is a web-site about this on the net,
> something
> to do with inhibitors, and she didn't have the address.
> She was also unaware of leaving the old set in for absorption after
> changing.  The word will get around Michael. You may educate an
> educator.   
> Thanks  for all the great advice all and I'll go back on the wall now.
> L.Brack