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[IP] Humalog mixture using un buffered regular



"Un buffered" regular can apparently be substituted for the Velosolin, if
you choose to mix. This report comes from at least one user I know of who
has been using the Humalog mix for approximately one year. He reports no
problems, only success with this mixture.

This report adds confusion to some of the prevalent thinking about why this
mixture seems to eliminate reported site problems when using "straight"
Humalog. Specifically, use of non buffered regular seems to eliminate
buffering agents as a contributor to site stability.

I thought I read somewhere that even Eli Lilly Regular has buffering
agents, but not of the type to qualify it as a "buffered insulin". Anyone
else heard of this, or having additional details?

It should be re stated that Humalog in pumps, even though very popular, has
still not received FDA approval. Further, mixing of any regular insulin
with Humalog has never been tested by Eli Lilly, and consequently has not
been subject to FDA review.

Bob Burnett
email @ redacted

>For those mixing the buffered with lispro to reduce site
>sensitivity, it would be an interesting experiment to see whether
>unbuffered regular could be substituted.  This would give an
>indication that it is the buffer that is helping the problem.
>18 yrs type 1
>6 months pumping lispro

Bob Burnett

mailto:email @ redacted