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Re: [IP] One of those scary nights.

> Michael,
> What a terrifying experience for all of you!  Makes me want to stock up on
> tubes of frosting...
> Did you consider using Glucagon when she wouldn't respond?  I've never had to
> use it (knock on wood) but do keep it around just in case.  
I thought about it but figured that her body would probably kick that 
on later (it did) and I knew if I could get the glucose in, she would 
probably come around fairly quickly.  I had in my mind the comments 
of her doctor after the summertime 90 unit bolus business.  " The 
fastest way to get blood sugars up is ORAL glucose".

She was not in any danger of chocking on the stuff, it is to thick 
and runny at the same time. It absorbs through the mucous membranes 
in your mouth as well. This all sounds calm an thought out now, 
believe me - it was not at the time.

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