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Re: [IP] One of those scary nights.


What a terrifying experience for all of you!  Makes me want to stock up on
tubes of frosting...

Did you consider using Glucagon when she wouldn't respond?  I've never had to
use it (knock on wood) but do keep it around just in case.  

Mary Jean

> After about 1/2 to 3/4 of a tube of glucose gel rubbed on her gums 
>  (and all over everything else) she began to come around. This took 
>  about 20 minutes and she was still pretty in-coherent (doesn't 
>  remember any of this either).  By 12:20, she could talk to me and but 
>  was still pretty unresponsive.  She let me prick her finger (she 
>  never lets me do that) and managed to apply the blood to her 
>  one-touch.  bg was 81.  Nine more glucose tabs went in by 1:30 and 
>  her bg was still 80. At 2:00 it jumped to 170, she bolused a unit of 
>  insulin and went to sleep, at 3:00 she was 390 and bolused about 4 
>  units which brought her down to 190 at 6:30 (another bolus) and by 
>  10:30 she was only 160.