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Re: [IP] One of those scary nights.

> Michael, it sounds like Lily might need to re-evaluate her basal rates also,
> just to make sure her basal rate needs have not changed.   Did she also have
> exercise activity earlier in the day that she may have forgotten to account
> for?  Just a thought.
> Barbara
We keep real close tabs on her night time basal rate requirements 
because of frequent adolescent changes.  She gets checked every night 
at 3:00 am and her bg's have been rock solid for several weeks now.

Her exercise pattern is standard - every weekday there is either 
soccer practice or a game after school - actually, yesterday they 
cancelled because of rain.

I think this really was an accidental overdose.  She had one episode 
similar to this but not as bad in Hawaii about 2 years ago.  On her 
birthday after a piece of cake at about 11:30 at night. She did not 
crash this bad but was completely inchoherent for about 10 minutes.  
Turned out her bg's as measured were in the low 80's but plumetted 
shortly after that.  She  probably 
did to much insulin - we were just learning how to carbo count then 
and the cake was estimated at 65 grams.

Hmmm...... so far ice-cream sundaes always work out but pastry is 
tough.  Daytimes are never a problem just nights within 3 - 5 hours 
of consuming the treat.  She swears she will knock off the evening 

BTW this is a rare treat for Lily - I guess she'll have to 
move it to lunch or breakfast.  

Pie for breakfast, sounds good!

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