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[IP] One of those scary nights.

Lily crashed big time last night - she's OK now but it was scary.

Mimi and I were in bad talking about stuff of the day, and just 
falling asleep about 12:00, I heard a voice an thought it was one of 
the twins talking in his sleep, ya know little voice that makes no 
sense.  I said 'what's that', but it went away so I ignored it. A 
minute or two later, I heard it again and got up to investigate.

Heard strange noises, gurgling sounds from Lily's room - and PANIC 
button time.  I turned on her light and she was twitching a little 
eyes rolled up, all the bad stuff. She had bitten her cheek and was 
bubbling bloody spittle, and having difficulty breathing - heart 
racing, etc...

I hollered for Mimi and some how levitated up on to Lily's bed 
(platform bed about 5 feet off the floor).  I've got a nice bruise on 
my thigh that I have no idea how I got.

After about 1/2 to 3/4 of a tube of glucose gel rubbed on her gums 
(and all over everything else) she began to come around. This took 
about 20 minutes and she was still pretty in-coherent (doesn't 
remember any of this either).  By 12:20, she could talk to me and but 
was still pretty unresponsive.  She let me prick her finger (she 
never lets me do that) and managed to apply the blood to her 
one-touch.  bg was 81.  Nine more glucose tabs went in by 1:30 and 
her bg was still 80. At 2:00 it jumped to 170, she bolused a unit of 
insulin and went to sleep, at 3:00 she was 390 and bolused about 4 
units which brought her down to 190 at 6:30 (another bolus) and by 
10:30 she was only 160.

She said she felt like she weighed 1000 lbs at 3:00.

What triggered all this.  Well, Lily likes dessert and about 7 or 
7:30 had mom's apple pie - except her piece was much smaller than 
what she bolused for (I think). It appears that she got 2 - 3 units 
more insulin than she needed combined with a dinner of relatively 
short acting carbos.  Steak, potatoes, PIE and milk. Lily is big on 
potatoes.  At bed time 10:30 or so, her bg was 84. Apparently she 
went over a cliff sometime shortly after that or was on her way down 
when she went to bed and did not realize it.  

Her comments:  She is going to skip dessert now.

I dropped her off at school about an hour and half ago.

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