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[IP] My Endo said.....

I have had my visit with my endo, and my hb1ac was a 6.7,( even with a
month of a cold) and I was happy with that reading. I've been there
before with a lot more lows.  Anyway what was said is she had gone to a
seminar on diabetes, the speaker was someone who studied the enzyme that
causes retinopathy(aldose reductase) is the name and it more than likely
is spelled wrong.  This enzyme  is released in our blood stream when we
reach a bg of 180 or more.  They are very close to finding a beta
blocker to stop the release of the reductase in the blood.(they were
close to a cure when I was dx'ed in 63) So my target is to always stay
under 180 now, and keep up the good work.  If my body reacts as it
should, I would always be under 180,I never plan to go high.  Does
anyone plan to go high?  I test 6 and 7 times a day to ensure that if I
do go high I catch it before it gets out of sight.. (no pun intended)
She also said that there is a web-site about this on the net, something
to do with inhibitors, and she didn't have the address.
She was also unaware of leaving the old set in for absorption after
changing.  The word will get around Michael. You may educate an
Thanks  for all the great advice all and I'll go back on the wall now.