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Re: [IP] Pumping Regular?

And the Humalog vs. Velosulin issue keeps rolling along!!! LOL

Melissa's back on velosulin & her bgs have been, once again, more predictable
& smoother than they were on Humalog...which just goes to prove why Ben &
Jerry's offers more than just "Cherry Garcia!!"....

Point to be made is that this wonderful resource Michael created enables us to
constantly be attuned to different methods "pumpers" have devised in their
quest for optimal control..Be it a V/H "cocktail; V or H "straight up", V with
an H "chaser" - there's something on the menu to suit everyone's "tastes!"

Considering I'm a complete tee-totaler, THAT was quite a "spirited"
metaphor!!! LOL

Regards.....Renee (Melissa's mom)