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RE: [IP] DEX Experiment

I'm a trial user for the DEX.  So far, I like it, but some of the other
members of the local pump group haven't been as lucky.  One woman say her
DEX read 300, 90, 250 in 3 consecutive tests within minutes of each other.
Now, there may have been some problem with her technique, but still...

I'm probably going to keep it around as a backup and travel meter, since
it's nice and compact.  I don't find the cartridge system to be THAT big a
deal, though, since each cartridge only holds 10 strips -- I'm changing it
often anyway ;-)

Greg Legowski                       http://www.pobox.com/~gregleg
"I hate to tell you this, sport, but you're relatively normal..."
  -- Edith Wilson